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Fitness is an individual’s ability to execute daily activities with optimal performance with various aspects like strength, endurance, speed, flexibility, etc. But have you ever heard about facial fitness? If not, then don’t worry; here we are to guide you through all details related to facial fitness and the best facial massager to be used to having flawless facial skin.

As we all know, it has become of utmost importance to maintain a presentable human face in today’s era. A perfect and smooth skin often results in a dull one due to stress or as we grow older and older. Every eight people out of ten face such kinds of problems and nowadays this is even seen in the youngsters.

Also, there are many other facial problems like muscle soreness, wrinkles over the face, adult-onset, aging skin, and many more. Many of us face such problems from an early age, and this is natural, but we can prevent such things from happening to our faces. Our face is one of the prime parts of our body, which is observed as the first impression wherever we go.

It is necessary to have healthy nutrients in our diet and practice healthy activities throughout, like drinking ample water, cleaning the face at least twice a day, and most importantly, having excellent massage therapy. But are we genuinely following these steps?

I hope only 30% of people seriously follow this structure, but others like us are lazy, procrastinating, and never being consistent towards our actions.

Also, there are many people out there going for facial massage therapy, which is approximately expensive if we frequently go for appointments.

But have you ever heard about facial massage guns? If not, I recommend you read this article to get a better understanding of massage guns in detail.

What is a facial massage gun?

So basically, a facial massage gun is nothing but a tool that helps in providing massage to our overall face and some other massage guns that can be used for different body muscles.

Many dermatologists also recommend face massager as it heals up the skin and gives out a natural look. It helps in the recovery of the muscles as well as enhances our natural beauty.

The facial massage guns have recently become very popular, and the vibration theory of the same has been thoroughly resulted in relieving sore facial issues.

Do facial massage guns truly work?

Does this question appear to most people who do the facial massager work, or is it genuinely worth it? Here is what some of the facial therapists suggest: the facial gun massager is similar to a foam roller. Also, they have a similar working mechanism, but both are different.

It simply provides the loosening of tight muscle tissues, which indirectly gives relief to the skin.

How to use a facial massage gun?

Many new users never get the proper method to use the facial massager correctly and effectively. For this, if you have any physical therapist in your contact, you must consult them regarding the usage of such facial massagers as there are numerous skin types and many massagers in the market.

Also, it is highly recommended that you go through the guide given with the massager, which includes all the related information and the directions and other additional details to be followed efficiently.

Let us see the advantages and disadvantages of a facial massage gun-


  • The massager helps in relieving soreness of the skin.
  • It eliminates stress and gives a relaxed experience.
  • It also promotes blood circulation, which plays a vital role in any human body.
  • You can carry it wherever you feel like it, and it does not take up much space.
  • It is affordable as well as you don’t have to take any expensive massage therapy or treatments every month.


  • It can be costly depending on the model or brand you are purchasing.
  • Also, sometimes quality might differ with changes in the brand.
  • There are chances of facing some technical issues with the massager if not handled appropriately.
  • The facial massager would not be suitable for some people, so it is essential to consult your dermatologist before having a facial gun massager.

Which facial massage gun should you buy?

There are plenty and a variety of options of facial massager guns available in the market and online shopping platforms. Also, the purchasing pattern depends on individual preferences, which may differ from person to person. But here we bring for you some of the best facial massager gun options that you can opt for.

1. Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun

The sonic handheld percussion massage gun comes with eight interchangeable heads, five speeds, and an ergonomic design. This deep muscle massager is the cheapest on our list of all facial massagers as well as it is a good commodity for any beginner to try.

But don’t let the price tag fool you, as the Sonic percussive gun still has everything you need for a thorough massage. It comes under a budget-friendly product. You can also buy it easily from Amazon or Flipkart is suitable as per your preferences.

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2.Agaro Supreme Gun Massager

Another massager is the agaro supreme gun massager, and this massage gun significantly helps in blood circulation as well as; this is one of the budget-friendly massagers.

It has six strike massage heads, high torque, and a brushless motor with a 20 level speed level. It also provides three hours of battery life.

The massager also has a powerful 24w engine which generates high torque up to 3200 vibrations per minute and enhances motor longevity. It additionally provides two hours of cordless use with three hours of rechargeable battery.

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3. Opove massage Gun

The following upcoming is the massage device from Opove, which has a great and deep, 15-millimeter amplitude. It also carries five attachments to give you a deep and powerful message.

It’s also relatively light, so your arm won’t get as tired when hitting those hard-to-reach spots. Also, it is durable and handy. You can carry it wherever you feel like it.

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4. TheRagun prime massage gun

This type of massage gun also has dual functions, and it is excellent for pre-workout or post-workout; it is also available in mini size so you can choose according to the rates and size whichever you find the best fit for yourself.

It offers two hours optimal usage of battery with four attachments also in addition to the speed customization options. Also, theragun prime lines up in the popular product. It is also expensive but has a good quality.

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5.Hyperice Hypervolt massager

The hyperice hyper volt comes with four attachment heads. It also consists of three-speed customization that upholds 3200 percussions per min and has long battery life.

One other thing is that it comes with its case and it can be carried anywhere as it weighs light comparatively. The hyperice massager is unique from others as it has three hours battery efficiency.

Still, there is a little bit of confusion regarding the buttons first, so it is recommended to follow the instructions carefully. However, the overall functioning of this massager is excellent.

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